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Free Web Design eBooks and Software

There are lots of membership sites around offering ebooks on various subjects and in some cases software that you have access to download free if you have the appropriate level of membership. There are also lots of ebooks and software out there being sold individually for anything from $7 to $197 each (what is this with the amount always ending in 7?).

In my opinion most of those products are way overpriced (ebooks perhaps by 5 to 50 times what they are worth and software perhaps by 1.5 to 5 times). A lot of the time if you did spend the money on such products then all you end up with is a thinner wallet.

Well now I am proposing to make it easier for you at least when it comes to ebooks and computer software that relate to creating web sites (topics that I know something about). Join first and I'll give you a free bronze membership so that you can see what the site contains before you upgrade to paid membership.

I have spent a significant amount of my time trawling through many of the ebooks and software that are available from various sites and have also put together a few products of my own so as to ensure that only quality products that are actually worth your time and effort can be found here. Of course I am not allowed to just give away all of the products that I have found and so I have set up this site with three different membership levels.

For those products that I have found that are not allowed to be added to membership sites I have provided links where you can buy those products for what I think they are really worth.

Whichever level of membership you decide to choose my aim is to see that you get value for money. So that you know exactly what you are getting if you do decide to pay for silver or gold membership, all of the product lists are available to all members, the only restriction is that you can't actually download the products from the Silver and Gold levels without upgrading to that level of membership first. So why not sign up now for free bronze membership. Once you have time to look around you can then decide if you want to pay the small annual fee for upgrading.

Note that all members of this site are also affiliates and will receive a bonus for referring 10 or more new members as well as huge commissions on any upgrades and renewals by the members that they refer.

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